A Short Trip: A Game

Australian artist Alexander Perrin has a passion for meticulous dynamics, detailed digital rendering techniques, and cats. A Short Trip is the first in a collection of interactive illustrations he is creating for the web. Think of his games as “slow play.”

Alexander Perrin has been developed as a study in capturing and respecting the essences and affordances of graphite pencil on paper within a digital context. Players are invited to transport feline passengers to their respective destinations as the sole operator of a scenic mountain tramway. There is no strict schedule on this particular line, so take all the time you need!

Join us in playing A Short Trip.

About Alexander Perrin

Alexander Perrin is an illustrator, technical artist, and game developer based in Melbourne, Australia. Alex aims to create engaging, intuitive and welcoming experiences which appeal to a wide range of players, including those who do not typically identify with the video game world. Alex is currently working alongside artist Josh Tatangelo at 2pt Design Studios to create considerate games and interactive media.