Dispatches from the Field: The Board Room: Transcript

So The Board Room. We’ve described it as a board game speakeasy.

We have members that come in and play our library of games. We’re also open to the public on certain nights of the week.

We have close to a thousand board games in the library now.

Hi, I’m Tom Nimmo. I’m one of the co-founders of the Board Room. Although if I am being honest, it was Phil who first had the idea for this place.

I’m Phil Trotter. I had the idea for this place.

There are so many different kinds of games and you’ll see that certain people might be really good at one kind of game and really bad at another kind of game.

I really enjoy the face-to-face interaction of board games. There’s just so many different types of interactions that you can have with people and so many different types of games that just… such a huge variety. We think it’s cool as hell and so we want to share it with everyone.

Most of these other clubs are nomadic. They play at restaurants, they play at YMCAs, they play at libraries, but they don’t have a space that they’re renting out. We are unique in that way. I don’t think there’s too many clubs like us.

The board gaming community is growing. We’re bound to all be in the big . . . the bigger board game community sooner rather than later.

I’ve learned a lot about building an organization with social media. How do you advertise a board game club? I’m asking, how do I do it?

Please tell us.


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