Finish This Sentence: Play Is

“Play is central to the creative process. To have room to play is to have room to say what if?”

We’ve met extraordinary artists, scholars, and fans of play while out and about in the field. We asked them to complete our manifesto and tell us “Play is . . . .” Here are their responses.

Featured in this video are Pedro Reyes, Eric Zimmerman, Jade Ivy, Eric Turiel, Tritemare, Charlotte Richards, Mattie Brice, Travis Larchuk, Jaden D. Francis, Tracy Fullerton, Jane Friedhoff, Sam Roberts, Alioune N’gom, Everett Phillips, Duke DeVilling, Kristen Skillman, Randall Roberts, Amanda Penny, Courtney Price, and Stephanie Barish.

Read the transcript.

(Music by Green North by DKSTR [CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US].)