Gwen Smith

“Every day is a play, every day is a collaboration, every day is making art, in a way.”




Gwen Smith (born 1968, United States) is a photographer living and working in New York. She describes herself as “an artist, a mother, a seeker, a finder, and a player.”



The Yoda Project is a series of photographs taken over the course of sixteen years in collaboration with Gwen Smith’s partner, artist Haim Steinbach, and their son, River. The project began as a humorous family holiday card featuring Steinbach wearing a Yoda mask. Since then, the project has evolved to become a series of portraits of Smith’s family, particularly documenting the growth of their now-teenage son.



Beginning in the 1980s, Steinbach chose to personify himself as Yoda, a main character from the Star Wars movie franchise. He would sometimes wear the mask as a disguise for public appearances. For Smith, Yoda is an irresistible, all-knowing character who embodies playfulness—and it is that spirit she captures in her photographs of her family.



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The Yoda Project, 2002–17
Inkjet prints
Courtesy of the artist