Games Adults Play: A Comic Series

Comic Josh Gondelman and artist Molly Roth share a list of just a few of their favorite games that adults play. This week, egg, you’re it!


Number of players: 1 + as many doctors as it takes

Description of gameplay: In a game of endurance, a player consults with a medical team to postpone procreation indefinitely by preserving her eggs. There is no opponent in this game. Freeze Egg, much like golf, is primarily a challenge of the player’s own skills.

Game ends when…: A player becomes the winner when she gives birth, changes her mind and adopts a child, or decides “You know what? Kids are kind of a hassle anyway. Forget the whole thing.”

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About Josh Gondelman

Josh Gondelman is a writer and comedian who incubated in Boston before moving to New York City, where he currently lives and works as a writer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He is also the co-author of the book You Blew It and co-founder of the Modern Seinfeld Twitter account.

About Molly Roth

Molly Roth is a Michigan-born, Brooklyn-based graphic artist and humorist. She works on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker Daily Shouts, McSweeney’s, and Vox.