Board Gaming the System: A Comic Series

In this month’s comic, Jason Novak and Adam Bessie share a little magical thinking with a Magic: The Gathering–inspired card deck.

Before Pokemon gave us “Catch’em All,” there was Magic: The Gathering, a card game invented in the early ’90s that burned through teenage allowances faster than dragon fire. If you’ve never played Magic, you’ve certainly seen the fantasy roleplaying game at your local coffee shop, an entire table filled with animated characters—and that’s just the players, whooping and hollering after a ghost warlock decimates an upstart ice golem with a flaming spellblast. In 2017, what new magical creatures might we add to our deck?



Come back for next month’s installment in the Board Gaming the System comic series. Missed the last one? Check it out here.

About Adam Bessie

Adam Bessie is a writer whose cartoons and graphic journalism have been featured in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and the Project Censored book series. Bessie is a professor of English at a San Francisco Bay area community college and the father of a kindergartener.

About Jason Novak

Jason Novak is a cartoonist. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Paris Review, The Rumpus, and Harper’s Weekly, and more.