Gradient: An Avatar

Artist Juliana Horner, known widely as her persona on Instagram, creates extraordinary makeup effects. She brings her unabashed creativity to us with a special series of videos. This week, a first glimpse.

Horner tells us more: “Times are changing. As technology continues to press into the social realm, the shape of our tools outlines how we create, identify, and PLAY. With quick access to camera and video technology, people around the world are sculpting themselves in ways previously unknown to the darkroom. The makeup industry is booming, and apps used to both define and contort are becoming a fixture of internet culture and self expression. Real-life communication and video game fantasy grow closer each day; in a way, we are each creating our own AVATAR . . . which player are you?”

Here, in the museum: a spectacle! To the melody of “Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity” from The Planets by composer Gustav Holst.

Look for a new installment from Juliana Horner next month.

About Juliana Horner

Juliana Horner is a designer, illustrator, and makeup artist living in New York City. She has been called “Instagram’s wildest makeup star” by Vogue.